ICM is a LLC filed in the state of Pennsylvania and consists of seasoned business executives with a long history of successful transactions in various sectors worldwide. A growing Board of Advisors, involving experts in the fields of investment banking, corporate finance, Real Estate Development, restructuring and work out services for existing operational companies,securities law, specialist counseling and valuable insight to potential and concrete transactions.

We dedicate ourselves to assisting American companies with existing and planned European and international operations in growing their businesses to realize their full potential as well as European companies that want to procure an entry into the US market. An international network of associates and affiliates offers targeted introductions to a wide range of institutional and private investors as well as business and marketing contacts.

ICM assists companies seeking to penetrate, or grow in, the European and US market place to appropriately position themselves. The company has consulted and assisted firms from Europe and the US in over $400 Million in transactions.

Additionally, ICM focuses on Real Estate development and acquisitions. Restructuring and work out services for operational companies in multiple sectors.