ICM possesses the ability to introduce companies to a global international network of institutional, private and business contacts on a targeted basis. Introductions are made to potential funding sources as well as business and marketing ones.  ICM, based on a company’s stated needs, seeks to introduce sources that best fit the company.

Our long-established working relationships with many different sources of capital include; commercial banks and other institutional lenders, large and small venture capital funds, private equity funds, mezzanine funds and many other types of financing institutions. The wide array of institutional capital sources provide long-term capital ranging from straight equity, to convertible instruments, to subordinated and senior debt. We also have relationships with companies providing lease arrangements and other “off-balance sheet” financing.

Our relationships with strategic individual investors represent an attractive source of capital often overlooked by companies. This source of capital is constantly searching for investment opportunities in which they can provide immediate funding in exchange for a strategic relationship in a growth company.  We specialize in introducing companies to this type of strategic investment.

We do not effect transactions in securities or engage in activities typically conducted by Broker Dealers.  Accordingly, we do not participate in negotiations with capital sources, recommend or design financing methods, prepare offering materials or analyze companies needs.  Instead, we use our vast network of international sources to introduce clients to targeted potential capital sources to help companies realize their potential.


ICM advises clients on how to maximize shareholder value.  These services include introducing clients to the European and International businesses, press and financial communities.  Developing strategies to introduce clients’ products and services to desired international markets and assisting clients in effectively communicating with the shareholders.

We seek to match our clients needs and goals with our international network to increase marketing and business development opportunities.  We assist clients in “getting their story” out to the right groups and markets in order to maximize business performance and increase shareholder value.


Growth Strategy Development — ICM assists firms in locating potential sources for achieving growth through affiliation, joint ventures, merger, or acquisition.  In some instances, strategy can be the most effective means of accelerating entry into new market sectors, defined geographically, by industry, or by distribution channel.

ICM posseses the personel for restructuring and work out services for an existing company in multiple sectors

Merger and Acquisition Searches — We conduct searches on behalf of clients seeking firms to acquire or with whom to merge.  Often the vehicle of merger or acquisition is not defined at the inception.  Instead the search process identifies suitable candidates, with the decision of whether a merger or an acquisition will be most suitable to be determined by the company.

Acquirer Searches — Based on information received from our clients we identify candidate firms to acquire clients.  We can help our clients to internally explore their business operations in order to strengthen their businesses and increase their appeal to an acquirer.

Integration Assistance — We assist firms in integrating different divisions, departments and subsidiaries in order to ensure that the goals of the client are met.  The range of issues covered can be wide, including cultural integration, compensation planning, technology integration, project process improvement, organizational management, and public relations strategy development.

Affiliation Services — We assist in identifying firms between whom a relationship will increase marketing and service strength for specific projects and clients.

Technology and Staffing Services — Our executives and advisors can assist companies in evaluating and improving their technology and staffing needs in order to ensure that business goals are met and cost savings realized.

Real Estate Development Trust —ICM is assembling a $100MM Real Estate Development Trust Fund.  The company would like to receive proposals throughtout the United States that focus on land development, housing, apartment complexes and commercial strip centers.